ABCD for Kids & Learning Games

ABCD For Kids is designed to help your kids to improve their knowledge in a visual way and with an interactive user interface so the child will have great fun while learning. Your kid can learn & remember various important basic elements about their school course. Playing our preschool games toddlers will have fun. Kids will be able to spell, pronounce, and identify different things.

ABCD for Kids application helps your kids to learn alphabet with around 10 different object representations for each letter and with human pronunciation. So the kids can learn 260 new objects as they learn ABCD. Kids can learn more such as Animals, Colours, Shapes, Vehicles, Fruits, Vegetables, Days, Months, Numbers, Body parts, Planets, Sight words & Games like Odd One Out, Play with alphabets, Play with animals, Play with vehicles and much more.

Key Features:

  1. Easy-to-use interface for children
  2. Includes 30+ categories
  3. Can learn about hundreds of different objects
  4. Amazing animations, colourful pictures and music makes your child happy
  5. Pronunciations of letters, shapes, colours, numbers, alphabets, animals, planets and many more.
  6. Preschool Learning Games for Kindergarten Kids
  7. Easy navigation in a sequential manner
  8. Slideshow mode available
  9. Mute or unmute background music when required
  10. Your child can navigate it easily by himself
  11. Share your experience with others
  12. Colourful pictures attract kids to learn
  13. Also helps to identify objects by their names
  14. Correct pronunciation of the all words
  15. Helpful for parents to teach their kids easily
  16. The application can be handled easily
  17. No Internet needed
  18. Teaches good habits and manners to your child
  19. Develops curiosity in a kid through many interesting and amazing facts about several things
  20. 10 different object representations for each alphabet

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