Educational Quiz for Kids

Educational Quiz for Kids is very helpful in developing your child’s cognitive or mind skills. This Educational Quiz for Kids is the collection of various kids quiz for toddlers and it has such kids quiz that will increase your child’s skills in Kids Quiz learning new things.

Educational Quiz for Kids, we included multiple kids quiz educational activities like alphabets, colors, shapes, vegetables, animals, maths logic, planets, fruits, that helps to increase child kids quiz learning in an interesting way.

Application Features:

  1. Easy-to-use Interface for children
  2. Includes 50 levels
  3. Amazing animations, colorful pictures and music makes your child happy with this app.
  4. Pronunciations of letters, Shapes, colors, numbers, alphabet, animals, planets and many more.
  5. Help parents teach their kids
  6. Improve pronunciation
  7. Ability to mute background music when required
  8. Your child can navigate it easily by himself
  9. The app is adapted to be handled easily
  10. Share your experience with others
  11. App supported for both Android and iOS
  12. Google Admob Ads: Banner & Interstitial
  13. Rate the app on Google Play Store and App Store
  14. Provide feedback through email

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