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KBIS Connect revolutionizes customer service in the manufacturing sector, offering a seamless digital platform for KELLER HCW GmbH's clients. This app provides instant access to machine and plant documentation, service information, spare parts requests, and direct communication with experts. Designed for both tablets and smartphones, KBIS Connect ensures that help is always just a tap away, redefining service efficiency and accessibility for industrial maintenance and support.

Project Summary

KELLER HCW GmbH introduces KBIS Connect, an innovative service app that transforms technical customer service into a digital, around-the-clock accessible platform. This app not only grants users quick access to individual machine and plant documentation but also enables them to easily request spare parts, communicate with service experts, and exchange documents. With features like service notifications, document manager, and a spare parts catalog enriched with icons and drawings, KBIS Connect is the ultimate tool for technical support, ensuring users can solve any technical issue or query anytime, anywhere.

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Taylor Greene

Plant Manager
KBIS Connect has dramatically improved our operational efficiency by streamlining communication and service requests. It's an indispensable tool for our team.

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