Kids All in One

Kids All in One is a fun, simple and colourful application for preschool or kindergarten kids who can learn about the various things which comes in their school course.

This application teaches the various categories such as Fruits, Animals, Vegetables, Alphabets, Numbers, Birds, Week Days, Months,Transportation, Body Parts, Occupations, Flowers, Dry fruits, Colours, Shapes, Foods, Stationeries, Countries, Directions Sports, Aquatic animals, Reptiles & Insects, Festivals, Nature, Nature Events, Musical Instruments, My Home, Wonders of World and Seasons

The most attractive thing for the kid is PAINT module. Here, children can fill the colours in the several pictures like cat, butterfly, teddy bear, rose, cap, frog, duck, apple, hen, pig and many more.

This apps uses attractive animations and colourful pictures to increase the interest of a child to learn and explore the new things. It helps the kids to remember different things using creative audio and visuals.

Key Features:

★ Consists varied range of categories that can be learnt

★Colourful pictures attracts kids to learn

★ Also helps to identify objects by their names

★ Teaches the correct pronunciations of the words

★ Memory games to test the child’s progress

★ Also contains the paint module

★ Can save the coloured picture in paint module to your device

★ Help parents teach their kids easily

★ Provides the the result at the end of the quiz

★ Ability to mute sound when required

★ The game is adapted to be handled easily

★ Allows you to use offline

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