Knexus is a revolutionary platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning which helps brands automatically deliver personalized & shoppable influencer, UGC & brand content to right customer at the key moment.

Knexus identifies, indexes, personalizes & monetizes any content type whether that’s from Influencers, your brand, partners & customers.

Social proof & validation comes in many different forms which is why Knexus doesn’t limit brands to static images. Brands can integrate videos, articles, blog posts, images & posts into buying journeys.

Knexus makes your content shoppable with no human input required. Knexus delivers relevant product recommendations at the same time as a shopper is consuming content – inspiring confidence, fuelling discovery & accelerating the path to purchase.

Knexus platform is scalable across your website & app to email & digital advertising campaigns. Knexus uses customized dynamic widgets to display personalized content & product recommendations across your website, mobile app, digital advertising campaigns & CRM campaigns.

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