Kombucha Research Database to find published studies from researchers across the globe. Plus easy to read articles and infographics to share and link on social media or the web.

Kombucha Brewers International is dedicated to providing accurate information about Kombucha including pertinent research about its health benefits, production methods and experimental uses. This database aggregates the latest and most relevant Kombucha research and scientific studies. These studies are the basis for the articles that KBI publishes on its blog. We invite you to explore the world of Kombucha research.

Kombucha, aka fermented sweet tea, is a delightful melange of tang and fizz praised by consumers for its broad flavor profile that spans from fruity to earthy to medicinal. The fermentation begins when the microorganisms from a mother SCOBY.

Kombucha Brewers International is a union of more than 300 commercial Kombucha brewers from all over the globe who are passionate about protecting their industry so that generations to come will also enjoy the pure, refreshing taste of Kombucha.

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