LokMart – Grocery App

Lokmart Grocery app offers the expanded range and collection of products, fresh fruits and Vegetables, Chicken, Fresh Fish, Dairy items and other regular products for your kitchen. It helps you buying daily needs. It is a free online grocery shopping and provides a quick delivery at your home.

App has included following features:

  1. Create your account with your ID
  2. You can search any products according to your requirements
  3. App provides a filter (by categories, by discounts, by rating etc.) option which is helps you to find the best quality product.
  4. Choose your products from categories
  5. Add your all products to your shopping cart
  6. You can schedule time of delivery.
  7. Secure payment via your preferred card using PayPal
  8. Accept Cash payment
  9. You can track your order, order place, order confirmation etc.
  10. See your all orders and time when it will be delivered.
  11. Here you can see and check your orders list, different payment methods, your delivery address, etc.

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