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Pandalan Law application is designed to easily learn the courses taught in law faculties. You can learn or repeat the lessons by reading the explanations prepared specifically for each question, by solving the practices that are prepared in accordance with the current legislation, and uniquely and separated according to their subjects! Thanks to Pandalan Hukuk’s group setting and chat options, you can chat with lawyers from all over Turkey and prepare for exams together. With this application, you can study for the visa, final, and make-up exams in the law faculty, as well as prepare for the exams with questions from the field of law such as the Judge-Prosecutor Exam, KPSS Law Exam, District Governor’s Exam, Execution Directorate exam!

– Constitutional law
– Civil and Criminal law
– Law of obligations
– Administrative law
– Civil procedure law
– Tax law
– Enforcement-Bankruptcy law
– Criminal Procedure law

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