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Pandalan Law

Pandalan Law, crafted by Benzatine Infotech, is an innovative app designed to transform the way law students and professionals study and prepare for various legal examinations. With detailed explanations for each question, current legislation practices, and a unique subject-wise categorization, this app promises an enriched learning experience. Engage in group studies or one-on-one chats with lawyers nationwide, making legal education accessible, interactive, and effective.

Project Summary

Pandalan Law serves as a comprehensive educational platform for law students, offering an array of features to enhance the learning process. From constitutional to criminal procedure law, the app covers all major law faculty courses and exam preparations, including Judge-Prosecutor, KPSS Law, and more. It's equipped with group settings, chat options, and tailored practices, making it a quintessential tool for mastering the complexities of law. Whether it's routine coursework or competitive exam preparation, Pandalan Law stands out as a versatile study companion.

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Ali Demir

Law Student
"Pandalan Law has been pivotal in my legal studies. The app’s comprehensive content and interactive features have greatly enhanced my exam preparation."

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