Pinmetar is a ease of use, intuition App that can bring applicant and recruiter more close to each other by showing their video.
For Applicant side MVP step focus on live streamer, chef, those who have specific skills and can be more precisely showing their skill by sharing video.
For Company side can easily search applicant by checking video and manage interview and hiring process easily.User can see videos and use heading, navigation button bars to do key actions.


  • Users see navigation control bar can tap “Job” to go to job screen and see post job or help details then save job or apply.
    User taps the Job at the navigation button bar to see Job list screen, User can see multiple job list in “Job”, User can use search bar and search filter to search job.
  • User tap “Pins” navigation control will go to signup / sign in screen, User sign up / sign in as member can tap “ “Pins” navigation control button to post help, Guide member go through 3 steps to post help.
  • Member can see message in “Messages” navigation button bar. User who sign in in as a member can see the message and tap the messages go to chatroom to see messages and chatting history message. Member can chat with other members that had ever donate coins.
  • Member can only see My Video, Like Video, Save Job . When member apply as applicant, coach or being an reviwer can see more functions and
    dashboard data in Me screen.
  • member can apply as Applicant for apply a job.
  • User sign up as a member can post video.
  • User sign up as a member can post video and see me screen with several features ( ex: My video, Like Video…).