Recipe app is the smart cooking app that allows you to find any type of the recipe and adds any of your recipes. There is no need to spent unnecessary time taking your family out to dinner when you can make restaurant quality dinners at home by using Recipe app.

App has included following features:

  1. Find different types of recipes as per your choice like American recipes, Chinese recipes, French recipes, Mexican recipes, South Indian recipes etc.
  2. You can search recipes by select category (Vegetables, Meat, and Fruit etc.)
  3. This app provides you with full details of the recipe with ingredients details.
  4. You can upload your recipe by adding recipe photo, require ingredients, select recipe type etc.
  5. Share your photos of the recipe you cook and inspire others to try them too.
  6. This app also lets you grow your own followers on the app by using the following option.
  7. App available in Both light & dark theme

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