Run Tracker

Reach your running goals with the Run Tracker App. You can track running statistics, record routes with GPS in real-time, and allows you to reach your goals with detailed analysis and graphs. Track your activities to meet your fitness goals & running achievements! The Run Tracker app tracks all key statistics, total distance, time, average speed, calories burned, etc.

Run Tracker App

  1. Map - Record your routes with GPS. You can save your paths and share your route maps with family and friends.
  2. History - It will save all your running data and analyzes them in History.
  3. Graph Analyse your every run - It monitors all your stats in real time and analyzes them in graphs.
  4. Setting - You can customize your running daily target, measurement unit, language and etc.
  5. Sync - You can sync your data With your google accounts.

Different Fitness Goals

  1. It's not only a distance tracker but also a calorie counter, mile tracker, and weight loss app.
  2. Whether you want to lose weight or keep fit.
  3. Whether you are a man or woman, old or young.

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