St. Agatha Mettingen

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St. Agatha Mettingen

Agatha Insights brings the St. Agatha Mettingen parish community into the digital age, offering a centralized hub for all things related to the parish. From the latest news and event dates to personalized content on the church tower of St. Agatha and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, this app ensures you never miss an update from your parish. Designed to keep the community connected and informed, Agatha Insights is the essential mobile companion for parishioners.

Project Summary

The Agatha Insights app serves as a digital lifeline for the St. Agatha Mettingen parish, providing users with immediate access to parish news, events, and specific topics of interest related to the church. It's more than just an app; it's a community builder that fosters engagement and keeps the parish connected. With features designed to enhance the spiritual and communal life of its users, Agatha Insights ensures that parishioners are always just a click away from being fully immersed in their faith community.

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Maria Schmidt

Agatha Insights has transformed how we stay connected with our parish. It's easy to use and keeps us engaged with all aspects of our church life.

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